Why do we do it

Thousands of products are destroyed or end up in landfills
every year. This has a negative impact on the environment,
our society and the economy.


Beyond individual interests, we are all part of this
beautiful planet and must act together to reverse
the negative impact we have already made to it.

At Sugo, we want to make sure that nothing is wasted.
Therefore, we have set out to connect the world so that together
we can all promote and practice sustainable consumption.

We are eco-friendly

Giving surplus products a new lifespan, avoiding thousands of CO2 tons to be released to the atmosphere.

We are facilitators

Making high quality products available for a fraction of their retail price.

We are reliable

Access to our B2E marketplace is restricted so there is no risk of harming our partners' reputation in the general retail market.

We are aware

Generating data and indicators to better understand and measure sustainable impact.

We are scalable

Our movement can expand rapidly partnering at a regional and global scale.

Let’s give surplus products a new lifespan.

The time to act is now

Our sustainability formula

The commitment with our partners
goes beyond business.

Together we build shared values and purposes,
creating a circular economic model that shapes
a more sustainable planet and a society
that is more aware of the impact of consumption.

Sustainable development

We facilitate the supply and demand of production and
retail surplus stock in our sustainable B2E marketplace,
transforming the loss of our partners into
financial, social and environmental value.

Amplified impact

Our partners and their employees are able
to become verified NGO micro-donors, expanding
the receipt of donations to maximize
the reach and impact of their actions.

Be part of the formula

Our commitment

To contribute with the United Nations to achieve
Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Let's reach the goals together